How to Improve your Skin Care Routine as You Age

Stepping into our 30’s and 40’s should be a positive and empowering experience! We leave our 20’s behind, taking all of the wonderful (and sometimes hard) lessons that we have learned with us. One thing that every woman should be leaving behind in her 20’s is her carefree skincare routine! I know with all lotions and potions available out there it can seem a bit overwhelming, so I created this simple breakdown of essential steps to get the skin care regimen you need.


What’s the Best Skin Care Routine for your 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s?


Aging might feel like it happens all at once but it is a gradual process that happens over time. Before we even make it into our 30’s our bodies start slowing down the production of collagen. The production of collagen continues to decrease with every passing year with a significant drop when we hit menopause.

Sunspots start to appear seemingly out of nowhere. In reality, photo damage hides deep in our tissue. It can take years to start revealing itself. The decades of laughing, being surprised, getting upset, and sharing all of our wonderful expressions results in little lines and wrinkles. Over time and all at once, we age. Aging should never be the issue. After all, it is a privilege. With that said, there is nothing wrong with wanting to do it as gracefully and healthfully as possible. To do so, we need to step up our skin care game!

We can get your skin looking its best in the treatment room and at home, but I am going to let you in on a little secret! The work that I do in the treatment room does not matter if the routine is not right at home. Especially living in a high desert like Denver!

Skin care services are meant to help get your skin on track. To maintain these results and add to them, a healthy home skin care routine is vital.

At a minimum every skincare routine has to have four basic foundational steps:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Moisturize
  3. Exfoliate
  4. SPF

If you’re in your 30’s or above, you might want to step up your routine by:

  • Adding a serum
  • Alternating cleansers
  • Adding a facial mist (second moisturizer)
  • Dabbing on some eye cream
  • Getting a professional service
  • Swapping out over the counter products for professional products

The list of ways to boost your routine can go on and on. To avoid overwhelming yourself with a 20-step-routine, it is best to start with your main areas of concern. By identifying your “problem areas” we can determine what products to use and how to ramp things up a bit, helping you find the best skincare routine for your 30s, 40s or even 50s!


The Importance of an Oil Cleanser in your skin care regime.

At home, I start every cleanse routine with an oil cleanse. Oil cleansing is a great way to prep your skin and the perfect start to any routine. Not only does oil cleansing loosen up dirt and debris on the surface of the skin, it also makes makeup removal super easy eliminating the need for wipes. Starting your routine with an oil cleanse is one of the easiest changes you can make.


How do I properly use an oil cleanser?

  1. Apply a small amount of your favorite oil to your face bringing it all the way down to your neck and chest massaging your skin in upwards motions. Use the oil to remove mascara by gently massaging your lashes.
  2. Without water, add a small amount of cleanser onto the oil and continue to massage. This will help breakup the oil and continue to help remove makeup, dirt and debris.
  3. When you are ready, add water to the mix continuing the cleanse process and then rinse away.
  4. Follow this step with a second cleanse so that you have a beautiful clean slate that is prepped for products. A great second cleanser is Skin Script Rx Green Tea Citrus Antioxidant Cleanser or Lemon Cream Cleanser by Sanitas.


Now before we start the oil cleans put the coconut oil back in the kitchen. Not all oils are created equal! I do prefer to have a professional oil blend, like the Cucumber + Tamanu Pore Cleansing Facial Oil from Henry + Tula, but there are some oils that you can borrow from your kitchen.

Surprisingly, coconut oil is not appropriate for our faces. The molecules in coconut oil are too large to penetrate our skin and it creates an occlusive barrier on the epidermis. To me, it is the same as smearing on a gob of Vaseline. No thank you!

Instead, grab an organic sunflower oil, almond oil, grape seed oil or sesame seed oil. My favorite is a mixture of sunflower and sesame seed oil. For those who are have oily skin and feel like maybe they should skip this step, it’s actually exactly what you need! Oil cleansers help balance oil content in the skin. Don’t be afraid of this amazing way to boost your routine, try it, I know you will love it!

If you are concerned about uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, under eye circles, dull saggy skin or photo damage, look no further than a vitamin C serum. Serums help pull your products into your tissue for better absorption making them more effective. Vitamin C is great for helping to even skin tones and brightening our faces. Although there are a lot of daily vitamin C serums out there it is best to limit the application of vitamin C products to twice a week. Our bodies can only absorb so much vitamin C and we eliminate excess through elimination. It is also important to remember that over use of vitamin C can cause dehydration in the skin, which is when our skin is lacking moisture internally. Dehydrated skin looks aged, this is the complete opposite of what we want right? Personally, I love the anti aging vitamin C serum Watermelon + Kadadu by Henry + Tula. This clean product also comes boosted with hyaluronic acid and Gallic acid, which kills bacteria (great for acne-prone skin). You can also indulge in Vita C serum by Sanitas.

In our routine, anti aging serums should be applied after cleansing but before applying moisturizer. I prefer to apply serums at night so that they can work their magic while I sleep.


Should I use Retinols or Retinoids for skin care?

Another option for creating a more even skin tone would be retinal or retinoid. You can use retinols from your licensed professional or have a retinoid prescribed by a doctor. Retinols come in a variety of strengths and formulations and the percentage of usage will vary from person to person.

In addition to helping even skin tone, retinols can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, encourage cellular turnover, and help heal acne. Although products with retinol are popular they are not appropriate for everyone and some formulations have been known to cause irritation in sensitive skin types.

Since retinols are exfoliating it is important to use these products only a couple of times a week or as recommended by a physician. The Retinol 2% Scrub from Skin Script Rx is a great way to incorporate retinol into your routine as your exfoliating step. This low dose of retinol is appropriate for even the most sensitive skin while delivering great results.

The number one most important thing that we can do for our skin is to wear our SPF, every day, year round. SPF does not just protect against photo damage, it also protects against environmental damage. The secret to an ageless face is in your SPF bottle. When it comes to SPF there is so much to know that it can be tricky picking one that is the best option for you.


The Benefits of Physical Sunscreens

This is the only type of sunscreen that I will wear. Physical sunscreens are mineral based sun protection, which often contain zinc or titanium dioxide. These physical blockers work by deflecting harmful UV rays from your skin. People often steer away from physical blockers because they have a bad rap for being heavy and leaving a white tint on the skin. Physical blockers have come a very long way and there are plenty of options that absorb beautifully! Look for something that is broad spectrum and protects from both UVA and UVB rays.

Added bonus, physical sunscreens are less likely to cause breakouts, as always, this is dependent on the quality of produce you choose. My Favorite Is BiON Tinted Mineral Moisturizer SPF 35.

Chemical sunscreens work by creating a chemical reaction that turns UV rays into heat and disperses it. These sunscreens often contain a lengthy list of ingredients that are often over looked. Usually this is the more attractive sunscreen because they are often a thinner consistency, have higher SPF number, and come in cool options like sprays.

Although tempting, chemical sunscreen are known to:

  • Irritate sensitive skin
  • Increase the appearance of sun damage and hyperpigmentation
  • Take longer to work
  • Need to be reapplied more frequently
  • Contain pore clogging ingredients that may cause break outs
  • Contain ingredients that act as hormone and endocrine disruptors.

For those who have rosacea, this type of SPF can increase redness because of the increase in body heat.

I avoid chemical sunscreens and encourage my clients to grab the physical! As a side note, makeup that contains SPF does not cover you! You need a physical sunscreen that stands outside of a moisturizer unless it is a professional product. We all need SPF no matter our age, gender, ethnicity, etc.

There are so many great ingredients to be on the lookout for to help you create the best skincare routine for yourself! Products that feature hyaluronic acid are great for helping plump up skin. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant meaning it pulls moisture into our skin from the air around us.



Use a serum or moisturizer with hyaluronic acid in it at night and sleep with your humidifier on. Your skin will absorb even more moisture and you will take beauty rest to the next level.


The Benefits of Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10) in Facial Products

Co Q10 is another magical ingredient that encourages proper moisture levels in the skin and boosts both collagen production and elasticity. Choosing products with these ingredients will help you age gracefully and can help you have the best skincare routine for your 30’s and up. Skin Scripts Rx has a beautiful Ageless Moisturizer for only $15 packed with Co-Q10.


What Should I Look For in an Eye Cream?

My two favorite ingredients to look for in eye creams are licorice root and peptides. Licorice root helps calm puffiness in the eyes and combats dark circles. When applied topically peptides trigger skin cells to perform specific functions such as building collagen and elastin. Using a jade roller over eye creams can be an amazing at home treatment to help revitalize tired eyes. Once you apply your eye cream you can use your jade roller to gently roll from underneath your eye close to your nose all the way out and stopping above your ear. Not only will this help with product absorption, the cold jade roller will reduce puffiness and move lymph and blood that can often pool under the eyes! My favorite eye cream that contains licorice root, peptides, and 25 mg- CBD oil is Bright Eye Cream by Color Up Therapeutics.


Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture

I’ve specialized in maturing skin for many years now and have helped many women age gracefully  with cosmetic acupuncture. Cosmetic acupuncture, also known as facial acupuncture, is a non-surgical procedure that reduces signs of the aging process. It restores the skin’s integrity by increasing collagen and elastin production in the dermis.

Other benefits of cosmetic acupuncture are:

  • Reduction and elimination of puffiness and bags underneath the eyes and around the face.
  • Lifts drooping eyelids and sagging jowls or double chin.
  • Improves facial muscle tone, dermal contraction and elasticity.
  • Increases circulation of the face resulting in improved radiance and color.
  • Reduces the appearance of discolorations and dryness.
  • Oxygenation of the skin.

I have studied with the top cosmetic acupuncturists: Martha Luca (who is the founder of the Mei Zen protocol) Mary Elizabeth Wakefield and Virginia Doran. Through years of experience and seeing what works with my patients, I created my own thorough approach to natural anti-aging and cosmetic acupuncture. My approach minimizes fine lines and softens deep wrinkles making them less noticeable.

If you’d like to know if cosmetic acupuncture is right for you click here or feel free to schedule a free phone consultation to speak with me directly about your needs.

A part of choosing the best products for yourself is understanding what your skin actually needs. I always recommend getting a skin consult with a licensed esthetician or skin practitioner.  This takes out the guess work and in the long run can save you from buying products that you don’t need giving you the best foundation for your at home daily skin care routine. It doesn’t matter how many steps you do so much as what you are using to do the steps. Once you decide the steps that you are willing to do and find the products that you love it is easy to put them in order with the example routines below. This would be a great routine for anyone in their 30’s, 40’s or 50’s.


Example Routine:

Everyday AM

  1. First cleanse
  2. Second cleanse
  3. Hydrating spray
  4. Eye treatment
  5. Moisturizer
  6. SPF

Everyday PM

  1. Oil cleanse,
  2. Second cleanse
  3. Hydrating spray
  4. Serum booster
  5. Eye treatment
  6. Moisturizer

Monday/Wednesday PM

  1. Oil cleanse,
  2. Second cleanse
  3. Exfoliate
  4. Hydrating spray
  5. Serum
  6. Eye treatment
  7. Moisturizer

Once A Week

Add in a mask or jade roll, or go for it and do both!



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